Friday’s Video Views

NBC News Digital Chief Speaks

“There are over a billion cameras floating around in people’s pockets around the world.” Beet.TV treats us to the perspective of Mark Lukasiewicz, VP for Specials and Digital, NBC News. Of course, this interview took place before the momentous events in Egypt this week, which showed, in spite of those billion cameras, how difficult it can be to report from some locations when the government is determined to clamp the stream.

NBC’s Social Habits

While we’re talking NBC, my favorite Beantown video man Steve Garfield captured some video with Julie DeTraglia, the (former peacock) network’s VP of Strategic Digital Research. Lost Remote posted it. DeTraglia said NBC is paying attention to the social engagement that occurs during TV shows. (I should hope so.)

Yelp’s Crib

For a new MTV Cribs-esque series that TechCrunch is apparently working on, we get a peek into Yelp’s San Francisco office with company CEO and co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman.


Instagram founder Kevin Systrom chatted with you know who about how he felt at the launch of his much buzzed-about company.

Your Personal Brand

Social Media Examiner caught up with Mari Smith, author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day. She waxes on how to build your brand via social media. Separately, I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Kleiman, VP, Public Relations, Hearst Magazines who’s written a not-unrelated book titled Be Your Own Best Publicist. I suspect for many of you, it will be a most worthwhile read.

SME Blogworld 2010 Mari Smith from Michael A. Stelzner on Vimeo.

Zuck at 30 Rock

It was rumored for days in advance, but I still missed it live. (Does anyone watch their fave shows in their regular time slots anyway?) So here is Mark Zuckerberg’s “surprise” visit to SNL last weekend…time shifted.

The Science of Social Media

Hub Spot’s social media scientist Dan Zarrella at Harvard? Sure. It’s an hour long, but if you want some insights into the science of social media, take a watch.

The Science of Social Media from HubSpot on Vimeo.

My Next Purchase

Thanks @nextweb for this light mac moment.