Friday’s Video Views

Bunny Untethered

Our friends at Mashable draw our attention to Energizer’s new wireless charger for various mobile devices, including that i-device. Now if only we didn’t have to use it as frequently.

The Next Big Q

A week doesn’t go by without TechCrunch anointing some new technology or application as the next big thing. (Most have names beginning with the letters Q or V.) On the heels of Quora’s recent coronation, we have Qwiki, a video search engine that grabbed the mantle of TechCrunch Disrupt in late September. In its piece on the company’s $8 million round of funding, led by the “Social Network”-immortalized Eduardo Saverin, TechCrunch described it as follows: “A lot of the excitement around Qwiki is because of its ability to generate media on the fly that combines text, audio, and animated photos.” You decide if this engine has legs. (Remember WolframAlpha?)


If you haven’t noticed, MacWorld Expo is currently in full-swing in San Francisco. Here’s an animated clip touting the event from MacBoy, which is not a kids version of the MacBook.

MACWORLD: iPad Legacy from William Levin on Vimeo


Long-time media industry chronicler Steve Outing offers up an idea for those toiling in PR for academia. He recommends the VYou video platform as one answer to his question: “How do public relations of a university can be more efficient with the journalists?” Separately, I plan to touch on this theme as part of a panel I’m moderating during Social Media Week. It’ll look at the Future of Science News Reporting and feature Futurity, which is a site that aggregates science news from a consortium of leading universities. Here’s a link for more info.

Fashion’s Two-Wheeler

The fashionable edit staff at Racked were kind enough to post the trailer for “Bill Cunningham New York,” a documentary that chronicles the travels and influence of New York Times’s treasured and indefatigable public fashion photographer. Mr. Cunningham can often be spotted on his bike, camera in tow, wheeling around the fashionable sections of Manhattan ready to pounce on a moment’s notice. I once had my photo taken by him. It was the opening night of The New York Philharmonic. Loren Maazel was my client. At the dinner following the performance, Maestro Maazel came up to me to ask how I liked the performance. Cunningham popped off a few shots of the two of us chatting. I thought perhaps I should give him my name, but didn’t. It wasn’t necessary. Somehow, my dinner place card had mysteriously disappeared.

Bill Cunningham New York Trailer from Gavin McWait on Vimeo

Social Media in Under Five Minutes???

Communications trainer and author TJ Walker invited me up to his NYC TV studio this week to chat up social media…in five minutes or less! Social media in five minutes??? Maybe five years ago, but today the phenomenon has too many dimensions, players and opportunities to even begin to scratch the surface in five days, let alone five minutes. Still, I was there so I winged it…in eight minutes.

What’s Up Elle

The exuberant YouTuber Elle of Whats Up Elle gets playoff fever (in triplicate) with this “awesome editing” job (to borrow Mashable’s words.)

Social Media Like Dating?

Finally, the PR-minded folks at treat us to an MOS, or rather, a WOS to gauge how social media is like dating.