Friday’s Video Views

What the Heck Should I Make for Dinner?

The video team at Fast Company visited the National Retail Federation’s annual confab to bring us this (high-res) video in which one of the world’s largest food manufacturers has created the G-rated version of “What the F*** Should I Make for Dinner” I wonder if there’s a point in our lives when too much technology doesn’t make sense?

Swisher: “Matador Casual”

Lots of videos coming out of this year’s rejuvenated CES Show. (Remember when CES had lost some of its mojo to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)?) We were treated to snippets of AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher’s interview with Twitter chief Dick Costolo. Well, this week the WSJ was kind enough to post the entire interview here.

VZW’s iPhone

So now the fun begins. Here’s the first TV spot from Verizon for its CDMA-enabled iPhone.

TV: King of All Media in 2011

Holy iPad! The folks at Deloitte give the thumbs up to television as the medium that will continue to dominate our lives n 2011. Here’s a clip from the consulting firm’s TMT (Technology, Media and Telecom) group.

Just when you thought copy editing was a relic of the past, here’s a clip promoting the 15th annual conference of the American Copy Editors Society (ACES).

“The Black Mamba”

Remember that (astroturfed) video clip of Kobe Bryant leaping over a Ferrari on a the rooftop of some building? Well our friends of Mashable have stumbled across what may be Kobe’s next viral star turn on YouTube.

Funny or Die

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan must be getting pretty boring. Here’s some dumb ass soldier playing a stupid grenade trick on his brethren in arms. (Not funny.)

The Trevi Fountain It’s Not

Here’s a viral video taken from a mall camera in which a texting woman does her best Audrey Hepburn imitation from Roman Holiday. Consumerist now reports that the woman in question is weighing a lawsuit against the mall for releasing the clip (and hurting her pride).