Friday’s Video Views

Mining Twitter’s Secrets

When one thinks of search, Google, Bing and Yahoo! come first to mind. In fact, whole industries have arisen for helping individuals and enterprises mine and make sense of search data, let alone the troika of popular social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among others. While much of one’s data on Facebook remains cloistered, Twitter is an open book waiting to be read.

Our friends at Mashable offer up this useful tutorial on how to mine Twitter’s rapidly growing body of real-time user-generated data. (Try to ignore the robotic voice-over.) I’ve used the Twitter Search function to find everything from holiday gifts to hotel deals. For other cool, useful Twitter tools, be sure to check out OneForty. (HT @jimmacmillan)


Using Twitter Search, we see lots of buzz around #Hashable nowadays. Good to see the always plugged-in team at AllThingsD take a peek under the hood.

Chocolate-Covered Grasshopper Spam


A couple of months back, I posted a round-up of books every communications professional should consider reading. On it was Nancy Duarte’s “Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences.” I recently had the good fortune to attend the TEDxEast conference and hear Nancy relay first-hand her POV on good story(speech)-telling. As PR pros look to distinguish themselves from other marketing professionals, the art of storytelling will be prominent among our USP. Take a look at how Nancy has cleverly dissected this vital communications art.


Lots of late week buzz on the debut of Quest Visual’s Word Lens, an app that recognizes and translates language printed anywhere (i.e., not just from a word processing app.) Interestingly, two big tech influencer media — ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch ballyhooed the app within hours of one another.

Nativity 2010

Out favorite gadget guy David Pogue draws our attention to a modern version of the Nativity — one that uses the tools and channels to which every digital wayfarer has grown accustomed.

Rudolph, Put on Your Red Light

From the nativity to Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer. Yes. it’s that time of year.