Friday’s Video Views

Mason Stonewalls

On the elliptical this morning, I unplugged my iPod to watch Matt Lauer interview Groupon founder/CEO Andrew Mason “exclusively.” Who knew that Chicago could produce such a d-bag! Couldn’t Mr. Mason have been better prepared to answer the single most anticipated question: “Did you turn down Google’s $6B offer???” It’s a bit reminiscent of Mark Zuckerberg’s now redeemed sweatfest on the stage with Kara and Walt, but there’s a difference. Zuckerberg seemed genuinely nervous. Mason, on the other hand, seemed positively cocky, if not arrogant. This interview did not advance his company’s interests, but I’ll let you decide.

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Denton Ignites

If you read my post from Monday, you will have seen that I missed a good chunk of BusinsInider’s inaugural Ignition Conference in New York last week. I;m told that Gawker founder Nick Denton was on his game. Take a look.

A Day in the Life of Social Media

H/T to @PRsarahevans via @thenextweb (video from DBA Worldwide)

A Day in the Life of Social Media from DBA Worldwide on Vimeo.

Please Stop Using Social Media, Mom

@giorodriguez drew my attention to Social Media Addiction: Are You At Risk?

Marissa Meilleur

All the cool kids went to Loic (Seesmic) Le Meur’s 2nd annual (or is it 3rd?) LeWeb conference in Paris this week. Glad to see Buddy Media’ Joe Ciarallo tweet from there. (Unlikely MediaBistro was sending him.) Anyway, here’s a clip featuring Google’s top marketing executive de Paris. More LeWeb videos here. #


@digiphile Wow. The @OReillyMedia @YouTube channel now has 4 million+ views: @EricSchmidt & @finkd at #W2S = 500k alone.

This a clip features O’Reilly research director talking about “big data.” It’s appearance coincides with news of O’Reilly’s Strata Conference in February, the org’s first looking at big data.

See Spot Die

PETA is one organization that has never shied away from controversy to make “news.” From splashing blood on fur-wearing fashionistas (Didn’t Harold Burson get splattered once?) to less than tasteful TV spots featuring women and vegetables. The latest comes by way of our friends at AdWeek’s AdFreak blog.

Google’s Zeitgeist 2010

Armed with a catchy tune, the video-minded folks at Google turned to their fave channel to post their take on the year in review. (H/T to my #2 son)