Friday’s Video Views

A Bloomberg Game Changer

Bloomberg flexes its journalistic muscle with this 25-minute interview with today’s definitive “game changer” Mark Zuckerberg.

Page One Media Editor

Apparently the director of New York Times film doc “Page One” fell ill at the last minute and asked Bruce Headlam, the news org’s usually behind-the-scenes media editor, i.e., David Carr & Brian Stelter’s editor, to fill in on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Here’s the clip in which which Headlam did an admirable job.

Flip Melt(Down?)

It’s an interview like this that makes me wonder whether we really are in a bubble. Fueled by a multi-million dollar investment from one of Silicon Valley’s biggest VCs, the founder of The Flip Cam, which Cisco purchased and then shuttered, has cooked up his next big thing…literally. The dynamic digital duo of Mossberg and Swisher recently caught up with Jonathnan Kaplan at the D9 Demo conference.

Billionaire Brothers’ Bulls**t

No strangers to these pages, the two billionaire brothers who are fueling the Tea Party and other anti-American causes are the subject of progressive documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald’s latest “campaign.” This trailer should resonate with any PR professional who’s been asked to deploy nefarious (and opaque) tactics to advance a client’s message.

Loopy Idea?

Not sure if this will fly, by Loopt got some buzz this week for reverse-engineering groupon’s biz model. The site allows individuals to band together to demand discounts from merchants from whom they seek products or services.

A Gervaisian Mokumentary

Ricky Gervais this week released this mini mokumentary to promote his latest sitcom “Life’s Too Short” (as is this clip).

via TheWrap

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