Friday’s Video Views

Social TV: Boxee Box Demo

This week, the much buzzed-about Boxee box shipped. Some say it may be better than its deeper-pocketed rivals Google TV and Apple TV. Here’s a review from the Hill Holliday blog.

Bulldogs: Brill and Woodward on Campus

Yale University’s Poynter Fellowship in Journalism sponsored a chat with Steven Brill and Bob Woodward on campus to talk about journlaism in the 21st centuiry. It runs over an hour, but if you have the time, it’s a worthwhile listen.

Innovation Trail

While we’re on the subject of journalism’s future, here’s some sound from Rachel Ward of CPB-funded Innovation Trail talking about the collaborative journalism effort now ramping up in upstate New York. It was captured by @OReillyMedia’s man in the Beltway Alex Howard at the recently held Public Media Camp. #pubcamp

27,000 Text Messages a Month!

This week, The New York Times published one of the most talked about, debated and shared stories in recent memories. Matt Richtel’s “Growing up Digital, Wired for Distraction” struck at the paradox of how best to educate young people today. Here’s a video from The Times’s Erik Olsen and Mr. Richtel cleverly titled “Fast Times at Woodside High:”

Jets Blue

You gotta love this series of viral videos from JetBlue. Made for digital consumption, their creativity has driven an extraordinary number of online views, i.e., no $1M 30-second Super Bowl spot needed. (via AdWeek’s AdFreak blog)

Don’t Stop…Competing

L.C. McDuff updated Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” for the Silicon Valley set.

Thanksgiving Check-in

As if a check-in from outer space didn’t top it all, here’s a tweet from FourSquare founder (and New Yorker) Dennis Crowley:

@Dens Love seeing @AlRoker give a shoutout to @foursquare during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.