Friday’s Video Views

Good Reporting is Not a Commodity

Beet.TV‘s Andy Plesser catches up with Chris Ahearn, president, Media, Thomson Reuters, in Monaco (of all places). Ahearn is bullish on Reuters growth on our shores. (via @huffingtonpost)

Staci Speaks

While we’re on the subject of quality content, the influential editor of paidContent Staci Kramer also spoke with Andy while in Monaco. Separately, Staci’s old boss Rafat Ali, the founder of paidfContent, announced in Twitter he’s taking a senior advisory position at Edelman to help with content strategy and creation.

Pepsi’s Taste Test (updated for speed geeks)

AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher tweeted this earlier in the week:
@karaswisher Spoiler Alert: PlayBook Outshines iPad in RIM Video (via @JohnPaczkowski

Rockin Social Browser

That same Swisher grabbed some time with the much buzzed about founders of Rockmelt, the first browser explicitly built for social. Don’t get too excited. Trial is by invitation only.

First Sister Tweets Messages

And this tweet from @randizuckerberg
Love this video my team worked on about the updates to Facebook Messages. Legit filmmaker talent!

Of course there’s probably some subjectivity in this Twitter endorsement.

Must see TV: Zuck at Web 2.0 (via @techcrunch)

Psycho Professor

Through the entire 70 minutes of the Battelle-O’Reilly-Zuckerberg interview, I’m sure most of you were riveted to the animated and rejuvenated Mark Zuckeberg. Not a yawn among you, right? Thank goodness. Here’s Cornell professor who doesn’t seem to have a clue about the nocturnal habits of the typical college student. (This one’s going viral, but likely not on the College Humor site.)