Friday’s Video Views

Air Drool

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler and Jason Kincaid take viewers through a first tour of the Macbook Air, or as Steve Jobs put it: what resulted when the MacBook and iPad hooked up.

Unlikable Media

Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley inexplicably tweeted this earlier in the week. “Hilarious?”

@dens Watch this hilarious @foursquare and Bedroom Intruders @YouTube parody and retweet!

Excitable Geeks

If you can’t fight ’em , join ’em. Mashable draws our attention to a demo this week by a (Dutch or is it German?) Adobe exec of a new tool that converts Adobe Flash to HTML5. Now we all remember why this is significant, right?

I came across Google Demo Slam, the video face-offs Google Demo has created. Here’s the latest match-up:

Airborne Zach Miller’s Google Voice Search

Logo Bandits

For Bruce Willis: It’s the Pits

Ahhh, fame is so fleeting. Just ask Bruce Willis. (Don’t you love the chyron ID under his image in the video?) via Funny or Die