Friday’s Video Views

iPhone vs. iPad a la Michael Jackson

So where does the Mac Air fit in this video scheme? (via mashable)

iPhone Subway Jam

Who, I ask, had the misguided audacity to diss New York??? Four dudes jammin’ on the NYC Subway with their…iPhones (via TechCrunch HT @parislemon) Love this!

Android Anxiety

You all heard about $AAPL’s Q3 earnings, and Steve Jobs’s choice words about iPhone rival Android. Here’s a tweet on it from:

@Jason Calacanis
wow…. this is great. YouTube – Steve Job’s Epic 5-Minute Anti-Google Rant

Exit AOL

AOLer makes a dramatic exit from the company. (via @businessinsider)

BonVoyWaj from Jennifer von Elling on Vimeo.

Jet Blue Goofs

My buddy Drew Kerr likes JetBlue’s viral video campaign parodies linked here. Here’s the first in the series:

Kids’ Viral Critique

This is part of a new online video series called “Kids React to Viral Videos.” Neat idea (via The Fine Bros ht @allnick) Notable quotable: The U.S. Presidency: “Probably the worst job in the world next to Alaskan crab fishermen.”

Chinese Take-Out Container in Space

Here’s the outcome of an effort by The Brooklyn Space Program, an organization formed by a group of friends in New York City interested in scientific experiments, engineering, design and education. A video camera sails into the Earth’s upper stratosphere.

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.