Friday’s Video Views

Solis and Li

Brian Solis chats it up with Altimeter Group founder and Open Leadership author Charlene Li as part of his new “Revolution” video series.

The Phone Jail of Keith Kelly

Marketwatch‘s media maven Jon Friedman held a tete a tete with NY Post’s media columnist (and industry scourge to many) Keith Kelly. The title of this item refers to Kelly’s old voice-mail greeting: “You have reached the phone jail of Keith Kelly.”

New Twitter Chief

Ad Age’s recently anointed editor-in-chief Abbey Klaassen grabs some camera time with Twitter’s newly anointed CEO Dick Costolo:

The Secret to Buzzfeed

O’Reilly Media‘s Max Slocum catches up with Buzzfeed founder (and former HuffPost pioneer) Jonah Peretti on viral marketing and other digital doings.

That NAMBLA Facebook Group

If you weren’t on board the U.S.-Russian space mission this week, you no doubt heard about Facebook’s big valley presser Wednesday to launch FB Groups. I followed it a bit, and then jumped in first-hand when master list-maker and Gladwellian connector Robert Scoble send me an invite to join his “Tech Leaders and Influencers” Facebook group. Of course, Facebook is now taking some backlash for forgetting the term “opt-in” for Facebook Groups. This lapse in product development/judgement was hilariously highlighted by one Michael Arrington who added Mark Zuckerberg to the NAMBLA group (man-boy love association). Here’s the write-up on what subsequently ensued, and the All Facebook promo video for Groups:

I.Am New Twitter

Will-I-Am‘s hip hop homage to new Twitter, which (finally) arrived this week on this blogger’s desktop.

Zuck Raps

As if The Social Network didn’t have enough buzz, along comes this rap video (expletives and all) to hammer the message home. HT to Mashable (naturally).

Strangers in Elevators

The folks at TechCrunch posted their idea of “the greatest elevator pitch ever.”


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