Friday’s Video Views

The Digital Home According to Verizon

Verizon’s Director of Consumer Product Management Ann Shaub gives her company’s vision for the digital home at the 2010 Digital Home Summit (via Alan Weinkrantz).

CAPTCHA the Money

It appears I’m not alone in my frustration trying to decipher and record those squirrelly letters on many websites. They’re called CAPTCHAs, and one enterprising company created considerable buzz this week with its business model that converts them into ad dollars. (via AllThingsD)

Solve Media from Solve Media on Vimeo.

The New Twitter Explained by company founder Evan Williams

Profiting from Twitter’s Woes

As Twitter rolls out its new Twitter (where’s mine already???), it received a shock to its system Tuesday morning with news that hackers created a security flaw on Some enterprising Twitter host developer decided to exploit the hole to promote his Journo-twit as a flaw-free alternative.

Remix: Stairway to Hell

New York video producer Kirby Ferguson takes a look at Remix culture, also the title of Professor Lawrence Lessig’s latest book. (from GigaOm’s NewTeeVee.

Good Idea!

The good folks at TED Talks have amassed an extraordinary collection of video presentations from modern society’s greatest thinkers — ideas that literally define our times. Not only that, they’re embeddable. Here’s a favorite of mine titled “Where Good Ideas Come From” delivered in July by the prolific author and always thought-provoking Steven B. Johnson.

Pogue Posits

Finally, the tweet below from David Pogue led me to this video:

@pogue You guys all say that this amazing video was done with bluescreen–but it’s a handheld camcorder! Doubt it.