Friday’s Video Views

Friends & Followers…Really

Here’s a Brit who’s taken his social media mojo out into the real world (where it didn’t seem to work). Very clever. H/T Dave Peck via the English National Opera YouTube page!

iPod Magic

Would you invite this magician to your child’s birthday? Probably not (though he’s coming to mine!) (via Gizmodo)

Geek Chic

Yes the star-studded Webby Awards were held this week. One of the evening’s highlights occurred when Daniel (Harry Potter) Radcliffe awarded Anna (The Devil Wears Prada) Wintour with a Webby for Since we all seem to live in short form, acceptance speeches were mandated to five words max.

Subservient Swan Song

From the Subservient Chicken, which unilaterally put Miami shop Crispin Porter Bogusky on the digital creative map, to this, the agency’s song (on a turntable) to mark the end of CPB’s long-time relationship with Burger King. Via AdWeek’s AdFreak

Internet? What’s That? (circa 1994)

Couch talk on the set of NBC Today at a time when the @ symbol still hadn’t found its place in the American lexicon.

Evil GaGa

If you thought Lady Gaga most emulated Madonna, this new video makes me wonder whether Britney (in her meltdown phase) could be Gaga’s real role model. Then again, Dr. Evil surely figures in there somewhere.