Friday’s Video Views

Sergey Speaks

In yesterday’s blog post we explored/exploited the PR muscle Google allocated to its search upgrade Google Instant. Here’s company co-founder Sergey Brin chatting up the enhancement, Web on TV and Google’s competitive advantage with Bloomberg TV’s Cris Valerio. Some quotes: “It’s an exciting time to be in technology…” “I’m really excited for Apple’s success…”

Google Mindreader

And here’s David Sifry‘s homemade video showing how Google Instant reads his mind.

Simply Smashing

First Newsday erected a paid firewall restricting access to its online content, resulting in a widely-reported 35 (total) subscribers after three months, then it trumpeted its hiring in the newsroom of all places to bolster its hyperlocal presence (to no doubt compete with AOL Patch), and now it has bowed its own iPad app with this TV spot that’s likely to raise a few eyebrows in Cupertino.

Talking Tech Heads

It’s unlikely HBO or MTV will be signing on any of these folks for their own reality shows anytime soon. Still, they include some of the biggest names in the tech and media biz. Steve Gillmor corrals them for his Gillmor Gang series, which features Mike Arrington, Robert Scoble, John Taschek, Kevin Marks, and Mr. Gillmor. In one sound bite, Mr. Arrington says about MySpace: “It’s the biggest site on the Internet that’s completely irrelevant.” So what do you really think, Michael?


And from talking heads to dickheads, we conclude this week’s round-up on a lighter note. It appears our friends across the pond are getting tired of the digerati’s fashion sense.