Friday’s Video Views

From Wall Street to Silicon Alley

How Two Wall Street Kids Created A FAST Growing Tech Startup. (via


Between Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone, the folks at RIM, home to the beleagured Blackberry, certainly have their work cut out for them to hang on to their dwindling share of the smart phone market. Here’s the company’s hopeful salvation for the touch-screen set. (via @mashable

Freakin’ Movie Trailer

We’ve all seen the movie trailer for The Social Network, and its YouTube and Twitter trailer trash-up spin-offs. But who knew, other than Guy Kawasaki, that “Freakonomics” was headed to the big screen? Here’s its trailer (via @AllTop):

Soap with Your Twitter?

Sometimes the jousting between Facebook, Google, Twitter and FourSquare seems like a long drawn-out soap opera. TechCrunch noticed as well and offered up a LG’s YouTube series the “Young and Connected.” Here’s one clip. More here.

Conan TBS Promo

As if that soap opera wasn’t enough, here’s the culmination of a little late night soap opera that captured our hearts last year.

Mac Guy Jail Broken

While we’re talking late night talk, here’s a clip featuring the “Mac Guy” Justin Long on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” showing off his “jail broken” iPhone. I guess Long is not up for any new Apple ad executions anytime soon.

Gizmodo airchecks

And who among us PR peeps hasn’t sat in an edit suite compiling “best of” client TV news clips? I guess the allure and gratification of TV coverage remains strong, even for one of the pioneers in the gadget blog space.

Lady Java

Finally, as Oracle sues Google for the latter’s use of Java, Lady Gaga should sue the peeps behind Lady Java for this video: