Friday’s Video Views

Got Milk with your Cookie?

As the Wall Street Journal looks into the complex and misunderstood world of how marketers track online behavior, here’s a video about that piece of embedded computer code that enables such tracking. It features its inventor. (via @WSJ)

Sir Martin

While we’re on the subject of The Journal‘s series on digital privacy, here’s a clip featuring the WSJ’s Alan Murray chatting up WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell:

The Early Bird Catches the Deal

Groupon, move over. Here are some insights into Early Bird, Twitter’s entry into the online deal and coupon space (via TechCrunch TV‘s Evelyn Rusli)

NYC’s Alphabet-land with Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley

Walk around NYC’s East Village with Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley (via @wsj’s Metropolis blog in its New York edition.)

The White House Puts Fox News in its Place

Bill O’Reilly on Fox News’s ascension to the first row of the White House press briefing room. via @mediaite

Cinema Non-Verite: YouTube’s Founding

YouTube’s founding re-imagined a la “The Social Network” trailer. Via @mashable)


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