Friday’s Video Views

The Newspaper, Alas

Here’s one person’s sobering look at (paper) newspapers’ diminished presence in our lives.

(via Nextnik’s YouTube channel)

Coupon Crazy

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason via TechCrunch’s Evelyn Rusli

Social Talking (PR) Heads

Five dimensions of social media PR by Cohn & Wolfe’s global digital president @chadlatz: (via @odwyerpr) Sounds good. Now, I ask, whether the world he describes actually permeates the agency? (FD: this blogger served as C&W U.S. media director from 1988-1993.)

And if one agency’s social media methodologies and precepts weren’t enough, Forbes CMO Network conducted a video skype call with Edelman’s Dave Armano about “How Big Companies Do Social Media.”

What’s It Like to Work at Google?

One of my #2 son’s roommates this summer is interning at Google. (He commutes from San Francisco to the Googleplex in Mountain View via one of Google’s free shuttle buses.) Here are 10 behind-the-scenes videos giving a glimpse of what it’s like to work there. This first follows: (via @lavrusik, @mashable)

Jon Stewart–>Paul Krugman–>Steve Jobs

After seeing Steve Jobs recently take the stage at one of Apple’s fab confabs, songwriter Jonathan Mann decided to feature the business legend in an original song. (via @ParisLemon from @TechCrunch

Birthday Boy

And finally, Happy 5th birthday Pete Cashmore and his winning team at Mashable (#mashbday)


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