Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Video Views features the always edgy Michael Wolff, the always cutting-edgy Robert Scoble, Conde Nast’s wired consumer marketing prexy, Yahoo on the Cote D’Azur, Omnicom’s Porter Novelli on women and social media, and the great American uniter — soccer.

Newser’s Newsmaker-in-Chief on News Corp’s Newsmaker-in-Chief

No stranger to these pages, Newser‘s, Vanity Fair‘s, and Murdochian bio-ist’s Michael Wolff waxes on the man with whom he’ll forever be associated for my pal Peter Hopkins’ team at BigThink:

Where in the World is Robert Scoble?

The prolific Robert Scoble updates Beet.TV on his latest channels, four years after making his mark as Microsoft’s original geek blogger. Here’s his take on Klout, just off the social media ranking site’s promotional tie-up with Virgin America.

Wired for Success

Conde Nast’s consumer marketing chief Bob Sauerberg on the success (90,000 downloads and counting) of the Wired app for the iPad (via paidContent).

A La Plage

ClickZ’s Zach Rodgers catches up with Yahoo!’s CMO Elisa Steele on the beach au Cote D’Azur for the company’s “beach brand”-sculpting event.

“Facebook and Twitter are Chick Magnets”

Omnicom’s Porter Novelli looks at social media and the demographic that uses it most: women.

Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Even Teabaggers United

(And you thought Americans didn’t like soccer?)

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