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This week’s edition has David Kirkpatrick on his Facebook Effect and Techonomy, the iPad’s latest accessory, a New York Congressman’s opinion of BP’s spokespersons, Scoble’s next big thing in location-based companies, and Stephen Colbert’s PR-Mageddon.

Zuckerberg: Grow First, Monetize Later

The Business Insider’s Nich Carlson was one of the many interviews that Facebook Effect author and Techonomy co-founder David Kirkpatrick granted to promote his new book. In it, Kirkpatrick postulates that Zuckerberg’s refusal to acquiesce to his colleagues’ demands to monetize early helped fuel Facebook’s extraordinary growth.


I also had planned to talk with Mr. Kirkpatrick on his new venture, Techonomy, which he formed with two former tech-beat colleagues from Fortune magazine, but found this video clip instead:

iPad meets Velcro

With two million+ iPads now in the hands of consumers and new iPad apps sprouting as fast as one can say oil gusher in the Gulf, we’ll soon see a flurry of iPad accessories. Here’s one that marries the newest classic with one of the older ones.

iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Location Location Location

Scoble says forget “overhyped” location companies FourSquare, Gowalla and Whrrl, watch our for and DealMap. Here’s his take on the latter:

Blimey PR People

Not one to mince words, here’s how New York Congressman Anthony Weiner views what emanates from the mouths of BP’s “British-accented” spokespersons:


Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert on BP’s PR-Mageddon (via ODwyerPR)

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