Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Vide Views features the suddenly ever-present Mark Zuckerberg, a tutorial on how to use the new FB privacy settings, a wacko PR guy, and a TV commercial from a white show ad agency that’s virally in tune with the YouTube age.

The Mark Zuckerberg Show

To start, it seems Facebook’s PR consiglieres instructed Mark Zuckerberg to get out there in the mediasphere this week to re-set his own reputation. Here’s the interview the ubiquitous Mr. Zuckerberg gave to CNBC’s Julia Boorstin, along with Rob Cox, Reuters Breakingviews U.S. editor. Did the strategy work? Other than The Business Insider’s Nich Carlson‘s tweet: “Mark Zuckerberg is getting much, much better at TV interviews,” I’d say the jury is still out.

Taking Back Your Facebook Life

Within a day of Facebook retrenching on its privacy settings, the Electronic Frontier Foundation released this video tutorial to help FB aficionados get their arms (and lives) around it:

How Not to Win Friends and Influence People

My old friend Jeremy Pepper brings our attention to perhaps one of the most annoying (and unprofessional) PR persons I’ve ever seen in action. The video speaks for itself.

“My diaper is full of chic.”

And, if the wayward PR person didn’t test your sensibilities, here’s a video to take into the Memorial Day weekend that just may. If the goal of advertising is to get consumers all abuzz about the creative, this particular spot from JWT has some 85,000+ view on YouTube in the few days since it’s been posted. In fact, more and more marketers are producing spots either to debut or reside exclusively on YouTube. (I suppose Gillette’s video tutorial on how to shave one’s genital area wasn’t ready for prime time.) This week, Nike’s epic 3-minute “Write the Future” soccer spot set a viral record on the dominant video sharing site. (Via

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


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