Friday’s Video Views

Angry Birds Come to Life

Please forgive me, but I’ve never played Angry Birds. (Is there a Blackberry app for it?) For the many obsessed fans of Rovio’s most addictive app, here’s a real-life APParition. (via Mashable)

Cyber Propaganda

Our so-called friends (and recent Columbia University Journalism award winners) at Al Jazeera report that the U.S. is developing software to help win the virtual hearts and minds of terrorists everywhere (or at least in the Middle East). Here’s the story from TNW, and the clip from Al Jazeera.

AllThings Glee

Client obligations kept me from keeping close tabs on this year’s D9 Conference, aka The Walt & Kara Show.” It seems from this coast that this year’s event outdid last year’s gathering of all the digital movers & shakers you can shake a stick (or a stare) at. Love that Groupon used the venue to pass out a paper news release on its $750M IPO. Also, cool that the character everyone loves to hate on Glee took the opening spotlight. Here’s Jane Lynch’s bit:

140 DPI Only???

Here’s a video clip of the new photo search function that Twitter announced this week.

Not Aaron, but Andrew Ross Sorkin

While we were at our #2 son’s graduation last week, we DVD’d the small screen version Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book Too Big To Fail, which bowed on HBO. You gotta love William Hurt as Hank Paulson and hate James Woods as Dick Fuld. Here’s Business Insider founder Henry Blodget’s chat with the book author and New York Times Dealbook chief Mr. Sorkin in which he talks about how he got to be where he is. More BI video clips here

Juggling and Riding a Unicycle Live from The White House

Our friends at Lost Remote bring our attention to the video of the Twitter-fueled Q&A between NPR’s Andy Carvin and Foreign Policy’s Marc Lynch with Dep. National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes immediately following President Obama’s recent speech on the Middle East and North Africa. White House director of digital strategy Macon Phillips opened up the 42-minute session, which Carvin described as follows: “It felt like we were juggling and riding a unicycle simultaneously, all the while trying to interview a senior administration official.”

A Popular Pastime…in Lithuania

I don’t know how else to describe this video….(Some things are better left unsaid.)