Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Video Views features a Tiger Woods ad parody (from the Wall Street Journal), a tete a tete between two tempestuous talking heads, the author of Wikinomics’ call for entries, check-in fraud on FourSquare, and two iPad clips.

Wall Street Journal
columnist Peter Jeffrey offers up his own version of the Tiger Woods Nike ad. (HT @emilysteel) Apparently, the original ad also came up short. First, it didn’t garner positive reviews and second, it backfired with the one person whose approval should have taken priority. Parodies of the ad proved more viral.

Sharon Waxman of fired the first salvo by accusing Michael Wolff’s aggregated and curated news site,, of parasitical behavior by using her content without sufficient attribution or link love. Howard Kurtz (smartly) decided to invite both on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” to duke it out. Here’s the exchange.

Wikinomics author, speaker and new media pundit Don Tapscott took to YouTube to invite the crowd to his website to participate in two initiatives called NextGen Education and the Macrowikinomics Challenge. Enter by May 1.

As you may have heard, the location-aware folks at FourSquare posted on their blog last week steps they’re taking to eliminate “check-in fraud,” i.e., the acts of falsely checking in to venues to garner points and badges. Here’s a clip of what they should be doing to stop these crimes against digitally mobile humanity:

Many of us caught the video of the 2 1/2-year-old tooling with a brand new iPad. What about Iggy the cat?

And if the words alone in Alice in Wonderland didn’t get one’s imaginative juices flowing, this iPad-only version hopes to.