Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of “Video Views” features the founders of Google and Mashable, a Facebook privacy tour, one company’s vision for the magazine stand of the future, and yet another Chatroulette clip. Enjoy.

Mashable founder Pete Cashmore on curation as journalism, a term he’d prefer to lose given its varied (and “loaded”) meanings (via emediavitals).

Facebook has faced its share of privacy issues. Just this week, a $9.5 million settlement was announced stemming from America’s most visited site’s ill-conceived foray into targeted advertising. More recently Facebook debuted adjustable privacy settings, which spurred its share of confusion. Here’s a video from long-time tech journalist Larry Magid (@LarryMagid) offering a helpful tutorial on how to ConnectSafely.

The magazine stand of the future? Here’s a demo captured at SxSWi via eMediaVitals w/ HT to @zimbalist:

Eric Schmidt talks a future mobile-centric Google at the recent Abu Dhabi Media Summit (via paidContent) Running time: 45 minutes:

Yes another viral Chatroulette video, but this one is total improv and urbane, a stark contrast to the loser randoids that populate Russia’s answer to social media. Now what if Chatroulette limited its use to college students?