Friday’s Video Views

Bye Bye Black-berry

I finally did it. After Business Insider tipped me off to Amazon’s discount on the Droid Charge for Verizon, I took the bait. Why Droid over the promised iPhone 5 coming this fall? As a GMail, GTalk, GCal, Google Maps, Google Voice and Chrome user, it just made sense.

Goodbye to my Blackberry. RIMM, I’m sorry to say, your OS was plagued by too many problems including unresponsive trackballs, slow-loading and mostly unreadable web pages, and a new interface O/S 6.0 that required one too many clicks to get to my desired app. Did I mention the relative paucity of cool apps compared to i/OS and Droid?

So it seems appropriate for this week’s opening video to show the first day’s keynote from the much buzzed-about Google i/o developer conference in the Valley. He’s Hugo Barra, director of Android Product Management. Other videos from the conference are posted here.

What LinkedIn’s IPO Portends for Facebook

The other big buzz going down this week came from the first of what will now inevitably be a rash of IPOs from the elite in the social media space. LinkedIn’s (low struck?) initial share price more than doubled after a frenzied day of trading. Here’s’s clip with Lou Kerner, managing director, private shares group, Wedbush Securities Inc., on what this portends for the prospects of Facebook and others.

Startup Without a Video? Shame!

The Scobleizer visits with TransVideo srtudios to talk about the importance of video for startups (and everyone else) in helping to tell your story.

A New Apple-Google Battleground

As if Apple and Google didn’t have enough on their hands battling one another for the minds (and money) of mobile users everywhere, Google is now taking the fight to the laptop with its Google Chromebook. Here’s the Apple-like spot that Ad Age’s media maven Simon Dumenco turned us on to this week.

Google Sachs

If you purchased Google’s stock in its first year as a public company, you’d be counting your blessings today. This week, the search, ad, power, mobile, media, netbook, et. al. conglonerate conglomerate Google Advisor as a means to help consumers better navigate and compare the offerinbgs in one’s personal financial decisionmaking maze.

The Cap ‘n Gown Badge

What would Friday’s Videos View be without an appearance by the king of the location game. Here’s Dennis Crowley speaking at the Syracuse University graduation commencement. (via Mashable)


He’s baaaaaack! This time in celluloid! (via SocialTimes.)