Friday’s Video Views

The World is Safer and BTW, Our Traffic Spiked

As the implications of Osama’s sudden demise reverberated around the world, Prez Charles Tillinghast chatted up the implications for his news site: “Sunday night was a very interesting night for online video viewing.” (via Beet.TV)

Build Your Empire

Scroll down the right column of this blog, and you’ll notice a banner to purchase “stock” in (a still undervalued) PETERH on Empire Avenue. For the cool kids, this new social network, which takes the concept of social self-aggrandizement to a whole new level, is ramping rapidly. Today Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang tweeted an image of the first “branded good” unlocked on the channel. What Empire Avenue contributes to mankind remains to be seen, though I must confess that the site does offer something primal to motivate its participants.

Cutting the Digital Cord

No, I’m not referring to your cable subscription, but rather your digital addiction. Daniel Sieberg, a prolific journalist who follows the tech space, has a new book out this week titled The Digital Diet. It’s described as a “four-step plan to break your digital addiction” (to Empire Avenue?). Here’s the accompanying video:

Does Twitter Drive TV Viewership?

Remember those compilation tapes of TV airchecks we PR peeps were/are so fond of producing to demonstrate our value to clients? Well, the practice isn’t lost on the folks at Twitter who put together this video to demonstrate the lengths to which cable and broadcast TV programs are going to incite their viewers to tweet on their behalves. (via Twitter’s YouTube page and Mashable.)

“Chart Shit”

Here’s a fast-paced video from the design team at Bloomberg BusinessWeek that’ll give you a sense of the work that goes into laying out this most influential business publication — online and off.

BUSINESSWEEK: THE MOVIE SORT OF from bizweekgraphics on Vimeo.

Fly the Photo Coop

Frustrated with the limitations of iPhoto or Picasa? Don’t want to spend all that money for Adobe Photoshop? Then perhaps you should take NYC-germinated Aviary for a spin. Here’s a clip on the free photo-editing service from your friends at TechCrunch TV.

Emotion & Utility

Both Google and Apple took to television to debut new ad campaigns for the Chrome browser and iPad 2, respectively. Google took a poignant approach with its two spots (the second airing during “Glee”):

While Apple promoted the utility of its industry-dominant tablet: