Gaffe a Minute


Political PR is said to be in a category by and of itself. Still, those propagating for politicians and policies stumble just like the rest of us. When they do, the missteps frequently are trumpeted by a rapacious and competitive set of beat reporters anxious to pounce on their prey with the slightest provocation.

Case in point: the latest gaffe emanating from the Manhattan Borough President and Mayoral aspirant C. Virginia Fields’ office. Last month, Ms. Fields achieved her share of notoriety for photoshopping an image in a campaign leaflet to make her appear as if she were surrounded by people of many colors. Yesterday, her press secretary mistakenly hit the send button revealing to 200 political reporters her edits to an impending media advisory. Geesh! Press secretary Kirsten Powers’ quote: ” “Something weird happened with my AOL.”

The second noteworthy and likely fatal gaffe occurred at the outset of Westchester County DA Jeanine Pirro’s campaign for Hillary Clinton’s junior Senatorial seat from New York. It was decided that her felonious and philanderous husband should not attend the initial news conference announcing her candidacy, prompting the media to speculate on his status. This was followed by news of Mr. Pirro’s offer to purchase a new car for his heretofore ignored “love child.” What were they thinking? These kind of missteps rise to the level of the Democrats.