Georgia Off My Mind

The last time we checked in with Ms. Lohan, it concerned her unintelligible electronic eulogy for Robert Altman relayed via PDA to her publicist while teetotaling in Tinseltown.

With its April issue, the folks at GQ are giving us another variation of that theme with a Blackberry interview that reached a high enough threshold (in terms of banal content) to merit a cover story and five-page photo layout.

In the piece, Lindsay shares her profound views on life, but sidesteps the sticky stuff:

“Cats scare me,” she writes. “I just think of bad luck from black ones like I had in ‘Just My Luck’! I need a boyfriend. Geez.”

I wonder if her publicist prepped her for this interview?

“Here now wearing marc jacobs pumps and a kate and kass dress, vintage chanel messenger and topshop tights and peace sign earrings from kaviar and kind,” she writes.

At least her fellow rehabbed pump designer gets a plug. Then there’s her explanation for jettisoning her partying ways:

“I bought two puppies today! Sober impulse buying of companions who will help me stay home etc.”

What’s the point, Lindsay? I mean it’s one thing to avail yourself for interviews to drive box office, but something entirely different to blabber on about nothingess for the sake of blabbering. Was GQ‘s fleeting mention of “Georgia Rule” worth the effort?

Sure, your buddy Paris does the gratuitous self-promotion bit, but remember, she has no obvious talent to fall back on. She’s famous for being famous (or infamous as the case may be).

But you, Lindsay, are a promising, and some even say talented actor. My advice: refrain from any media interviews not related to your craft. Then sit back and watch your career (finally) go to the next level.