Good Riddance Rudy

He ran a losing campaign with more than his share of PR gaffes.

Yet, as I sit here watching Rudy Giuliani’s withdrawal and endorsement speech, I can’t help but think how he timed this anti-climactic announcement to run live on the local TV network lead-ins across most of the nation. Geesh. He finally did something right on the media strategy front.

I mean why subject your messaging doctrine to an edited 45-second news package when you can have three minutes of live unadulterated coverage?

Yet I’m appalled. The nation’s local TV news directors took the bait — hook, line and sinker — to hand over to this right wing ideologue unfettered access to a large hunk of their news programming holes. The Giuliani withdrawal speech morphed into a several-minute commercial for that pasty, anachronistic candidate who has stood by this failed presidency more than any other.

It’s a sad day for the state of local TV news — a day that gives VNR usage a run for the money. Kudos to Giuliani’s media consiglieres. Thank goodness, you and your nasty New Yorker are history.