Goody Bags

Some journalists are fond of dissing PR pros, and the level of dissonance spiked recently when a tech reporter and blogger at the Boston Herald and Yahoo!, respectively, let fly with their nasty opinions of the profession. (Remnants of the animosity that prevailed during the dot-com bubble?)

In the interest of fairness, journalists have their share of questionable practices as well. We all remember The Devil Wears Prada, a thinly veiled and highly unflattering look at Vogue editrix Anna Wintour. Now an associate beauty editor at one of the “six sisters” has been outed (by a publicist no less) as the cloaked blogger who’s been dishing on the unsavory practices in magazinedom. Whatever freebies magazine editors receive, it pales in comparison to the over-the-top goodie bags A, B and even C-list celebs command at high-profile events.