Hat Tip?

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but yesterday morning I posted an item on the shenanigans that pass for good PR practice in the White House press office. The posting, titled The Falun Gong Show, looked at the PR gaffes surrounding the Chinese Premier’s visit here.

In reading Maureen Dowd’s column today in The New York Times, I couldn’t help but notice how closely she echoed the themes I explored yesterday. Granted, the recent machinations of the Bush administration played perfectly to Ms. Dowd’s editorial sensibilities. Still, with Technorati tags like “Rumsfleld,” “Falun Gong,” “Press Office,” etc., I just have to wonder whether her researcher stumbled across and perhaps was inspired by this particular blog posting.

You decide: My posting and Maureen Dowd’s column (TimesSelect required).

The take-away for PR types: blogospheric content often spills into the mainstream media…hat tip or not. Or then again, maybe hundreds of others posted something similar?

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