Hillary’s Jobs

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“This is a book full of blatant and vicious fabrications contrived by someone who writes trash for cash,” Philippe Reines, Clinton’s press secretary, said yesterday.

Now I ask: does a quote like this help or hurt Hillary? Former (esteemed) New York Times Magazine editor Ed Klein, a big deal in the Abe Rosenthal-Arthur Gelb era at The Times, has written his fifth book in nine years. It’s apparently a less-than-flattering take on New York’s junior senator. It also is en route to garner its share of media attention given the author’s once solid pedigree, not to mention the vitriol with which Sen. Clinton’s press secretary has condemned it.

As a PR advisor faced with the prospect of a client being raked over the literary coals, the question of whether to go on the offensive is never an easy one. Just ask Steve Jobs, whose very public condemnation of his unauthorized biography thrust that book into the national headlines, and no doubt on to bigger book sales.