Macauley – Oh My

OK So you’re Macauley Culkin’s PR rep. Macauley has confided in you that as a child he was in fact touched inappropriately by King Michael. Should he come clean or continue to deny all such involvement with Jackson? Won’t the allegations in and of themselves accelerate his already fading career? Or does his sudden explosion into the headlines spur renewed interest in the Home Alone star? (Remember, in today’s pop culture, infamy can work in one’s favor. Just ask sister Janet, Buttafuocco, etc.)

Perhaps he should present himself as a victim, and in so doing, file (another) lawsuit against his parents for allowing him to be molested. Clearly, this revelation has tainted him. It is not something that will go away by itself. Right now, Culkin is in crisis, and has no doubt retained one of the usual suspects – Rubenstein, Sitrick or Klores – to help him navigate this most sticky wicket.

Eventually, he will be advised to appear on a network morning or magazine talk show. If his PR counselor is smart, he or she will bring in an experienced media trainer to prepare him for what will most certainly be a most uncomfortable interview.