Matt, Say It Ain’t So!

So here’s a certifiable techno geek-turned-journalist named Matt Haughey doing his best imitation of Chris Anderson.

Instead of blackballing misguided PR types by name, he’s deployed Gmail’s filters to eliminate whole domains from his e-mailbox. As a result, entire PR firms are punished for the amateurish and admittedly annoying transgressions of the few:

“So for now, I’m moving to filters in Gmail. The entire PR agency domain goes into the From: and you set it to delete immediately. Instantly, no more PR spam from Alice, Bob, or Steve, forever, and I don’t have to ask to opt-out of something I never opted into.”

And who can blame this beleaguered blogger?

“And to people working in PR, some bloggers do seem to post the things you send, but in four years of daily PR email blasts that now number in the thousands, I recall one or two being something I was actually interested in.”

Even so, there are some pretty big firms with some pretty newsworthy clients being listed n the PRSpammer wiki.

Now if yours truly could only get Erica from Kulesa Public Relations to read my musings. She too might learn that her client Sales Spider is (way) outside The Flack’s editorial purview. Wait a minute. I also use Gmail…hmmm.