Missed Cruise


Several weeks ago, the folks at Royal Caribbean Cruise Line diverted a ship full of passengers from the warm waters of Bermuda to the cold waters of Nova Scotia. At the time, the executives at RCCL cited its prerogative to change the itinerary without questions if bad weather posed a threat. (A storm was brewing en route to Bermuda.)

One problem: the cruise line offered nothing in the way of compensation to the surprised and (underdressed) passengers, a couple of whom happened to be traveling with 30 of their friends and family to Bermuda to get married. The media got wind of it, and that’s when the enterprising PR staff at the Bermuda Department of Tourism, along with Fairmont Hotels, stepped in to reap the public goodwill (and media exposure) by offering to pick up the tab. Smart move, keepers of Bermuda! You missed the boat, RCCL.