Mr. Romance

Harlequin Hunk Posted by Hello

Celebrity PR is easy — especially when you represent an “A” list celebrity (or one who’s been arrested). What separates the men from the boys, or in many cases, the women from the girls in our business is making “news” where none might exist. Our world is full of promotional events that aspire to transcend their commercial underpinnings so that they end up in print or on the air.

My friend and former B-M colleague Lisa Kovitz drew my attention today to one such event wherein the folks at Harlequin Books — you know those publishers of soft-covered/core romantic novels – teamed with Oxygen TV to conduct a search for Mr. Romance – to appear on the cover of its latest book. Well, they found him in a New Jersey truck driver named Randy Ritchwood. WABC-TV “Eyewitness News,” the ABC O&O in NYC, is airing a package. ET’s “The Insider” is planning one and the Newark Star-Ledger covered the event.