Oh THAT Cigar!

Geez Louise. I had thought (and hoped) that this relatively minor, yet most consequential chapter in our nation’s history had closed. I was wrong.

Last week, HBO announced it will begin production on a Dennis Quaid/Julianne Moore/Charlie Sheen-starrer called “Special Relationship,” a movie ostensibly about the relationship between British PM Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.

But wait. There’s more. Apparently, one enterprising PR person decided that this could serve as a reasonably strong news hook to publicize her client, the manufacturer of the cigar brand allegedly used in that infamous global incident. The email pitch to Newsweek’s political blog, The Gaggle, went like this:

Hey Katie!

Just wanted to make sure you had this on your radar-what about doing a segment featuring the exact line of cigars Bill Clinton used with Monica Lewinsky in light of the HBO movie that is set to go into production titled “Special Relationship” about Bill’s special “friendships” starring Dennis Quaid?

The Gurkha Cigars spokesperson is available to speak about Gurkha’s role in the presidential story and we can have you all shoot footage of the exact line of cigars that was used to make-um presidential history? Can we make this work?

Richard, Kevin — Are you paying attention? Now I’m not one to cast aspersions on the PR practices of other professionals. (Or maybe I am.) In either case, the odorous pitch caught this blogger’s (and Newsweek‘s) attention, sufficiently so to report on it.

I wonder whether Bill Clinton’s taste in cigars, or rather, his unorthodox use thereof, elevates the brand in any way? I’m guessing it doesn’t. On the other hand, I bet this is the first (and only) time the cigar brand’s name will be invoked by a Newsweek reporter.

As for me, “Flight of the Conchords,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and re-runs of “Entourage” satisfy my HBO fix just fine.