Out to Launch

I’ve never met Larry Weber, though he’s promised on several occasions to “take lunch” if our paths happen to cross in either the Beantown or New York. I certainly am well aware of the agency that retains his namesake, and the success it enjoyed when he reigned, and today under Harris Diamond’s stewardship.

The indefatigable Jeremy Pepper tweeted earlier: Can’t figure out WTH Larry Weber is doing – so, 2 Martinis is just Racepoint and Dig with a new name?”

Pepper is alluding to today’s Chris Reidy piece on Boston.com about Weber’s newest agency birth, branded Two Martinis (for whatever reason). It joins Racepoint and the Digital Influence Group as part of Weber’s burgeoning boutique empire, W2 Group Inc..

Former Weber-Shandwick prexy Maryjean Lauzier is listed as CEO on the new agency’s Flash-y website. Hey, wait a sec. She also holds the CEO titles at Racepoint and Digital Influence Group. Maybe Jeremy’s onto something?

Larry, if you’re reading this, chime in on how these agencies are differentiated. If you’re not, then so much for the PR 2.0 mantra of listening to the conversation. (The tags below certainly make this one easy to find.)