Party Planner’s Spokesman


The enigmatic Nick Denton, who threw cold water on the blogosphere in a recent New York Times interview, turned out at the Radar re-launch party only to have a custard pie smashed in his face. It seems Denton’s usually caustic blog — Gawker — hasn’t been so kind to Radar, the new magazine co-owned by real estate magnate and Daily News/U.S. News publisher Mort Zuckerman.

The Post’s eminently readable media reporter Keith Kelly ran a smashing account of the affair with photo of a soiled Denton who accused the party planner Nadine Johnson, ex-wife of “Page Six” honcho Richard Johnson, of planting the pie thrower. Ms. Johnson, through a spokesman(!) declined credit for the publicity stunt. “It was merely a wardrobe mulfunction,” she demurred.

Drew Kerr, a talented PR guy specializing in magazines, also denied that the pie-thrower was a stunt.

Whatever. It made for a good photo and some edgy blogossip.

(BTW, the picture above is a recreation, as is Ms. Johnson’s quote, if you hadn’t surmised.)