Picture Not So Perfect

Dear Nikon and MWW,

Where’s my camera? I was on Schwartzman’s panel with Parmet and Ochman. How’d those two finagle your expensive, but digitally divine device? (Joe, think of your old friend here!)

Sure, I know they come with strings attached. And yes, the rules of engagement are pretty clear, unlike like that laptop “loner” program. But I promise to trash my trusty Canon 7.1-megapixel Powershot if I had one of your cool digital SLRs.

I realize my blog’s only ranked around 27,000 on Technorati, but you do the math: 27,000 divided by 57,000,000 puts The Flack in the top .05 percent of all bloggers. Does it matter that I only write about PR, marketing, journalism, and social media? Would you prefer that I switch gears to cover Twitter 24/7?

Engadget, Techcrunch, Gizmodo, and even CNET — phooey! Those guys get so many products, yours is sure to get lost in the sauce. Here it won’t. I have too much empathy for MWW’s blogger engagement team. I’ve been in their shoes too many times to count.

Finally, I’m a pretty decent lenser. See picture above (July 4, 2006, Westhampton Beach, Canon Powershot S70). Just imagine how much better it would look with the D80’s beautiful lens.