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Business Week’s Stephen Baker who tag-teams with colleague Heather Green to stay on top of the trends in the blogosphere, picked up on a survey of PR pros’ feelings toward blogs. Yes, another survey to generate media exposure for the survey funding company (Blog Relations), which manifests, in this case, on the company’s own blog called The Angel Blog. I know. It’s very confusing.

Anyway, the proprietors of Blog Relations posted, in true blogging fashion, the unedited results of its survey of 50. Key findings include:

“…eight out of ten believe that businesses could benefit from setting up their own blogs.”

“..eight out of ten PR pros also think that blogs, if used correctly, can be a useful communication tool for businesses.”

“…although 56 percent of PRs say that they have never pitched a blogger, 46 per cent of those same people think that there are already a ‘good number of influential blogs.'”

We’re sure to see much more of this. This one, however, probably doesn’t carry much weight given the small size of its sample – 50 PR pros.

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