PR Tack-tics

I don’t know what to make of one L.A. publicist’s efforts to create a bold name for himself in the Big Apple.

On the one hand, he gets a star turn in Radar online’s “Flacklife”FlackWatch.” On the other, it points to a side of PR that would make Sidney Falco blush, let alone many others in the profession.

The Radar item links to this publicist’s website on which the logos of fashion and retail’s most celebrated names proudly rim the homepage. Impressive. Could these be his clients? No. Just window dressing.

Then, there’s the obligatory language for business development. In his case, it’s an appeal to celebrity and socialite wannabes with the following:

  • “How to be a socialite in the USA” (Answer: “the way you talk,” “the way you walk,” and your facial expressions”)
  • “How to be a socialite in the UK” (Answer: same as above)
  • “Help for teens that want to become famous” (You mean like Lindsay Lohan?)

At least the self-proclaimed “Uber Celebrity Publicist” is honest:

“With clients, I put them on a pedestal, and the world can see them. If there’s nothing there, they are revealed for their phoniness. As of now, there have just been a lot of phonies and fakes who just want to be noticed and have a lot of money. I could use somebody with talent. But they never have the money.”