Questions Answered

Here are the answers to the PR 3.0 Questionnaire:

Rank the following in order of their unique visitors per month:

#1 (72.8M uniques)
#4 (6M)
#5 (5M)
#3 (7.5M)
#2 (54M)

Match the following people with their place of work:

Dennis Crowley – Foursquare
Tina Brown – The Daily Beast
Andrew Mason – Groupon
Pete Cashmore – Mashable
Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook
Larry Page – Google
Vivian Schiller – NBC
Jack Dorsey – Twitter

Describe the following:

Spotify – Cloud-based social music service

GroupMe – A mobile app that lets you easily connect with groups of your friends

Flipboard – A social magazine app for the iPad

GetGlue -A social networking app for entertainment that involves check-ins and ratings

Instagram – Fast, beautiful photo sharing for the iOS.

Tumblr A feature rich and free blog hosting platform A URL redirection service with real-time link tracking.

BuddyMedia – A social media marketing products company to help brands engage and grow their audiences

Who is Siri?

The voice-activated assistant on Apple’s new iPhone 4S

Whose Twitter handles are these?

@Carr2N – David Carr (NYTimes)

@APlusk – Ashton Kutcher

@acarvin – NPR’s Andy Carvin

@pkafka – All Things D’s Peter Kafka

@benpolitico – Politico’s Ben Smith

@Xeni – Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin

@Zee – The Next Web’s Zee Kane

@Dens – Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley

@Ev – Twitter co-founder Evan Williams

@Finkd – Mark Zuckerberg

What are The Shorty Awards?

The annual event in New York City highlighting Twitter’s best short-form content

Where can one find The App Store?

On iTunes

What’s the significance of Twitter hashtags?

A way to build community on Twitter around a person, place or thing.

Match the following journalists with their news organizations:

Emily Chang – Bloomberg TV
Andrew Ross Sorkin – The New York Times’ DealBook
Bob Garfield – Co-host NPR’s “On the Media”
Piers Morgan – Host of his own show on CNN
Kara Swisher – AllThingsD’s co-editor
Lara Logan – CBS News correspondent
Henry Blodget – Founder /ed-in-chief BusinessInsider

True or False?

The Huffington Post owns AOL – False
The Atlantic’s digital ad revenue is greater than its print ad revenue – True
Fox News Channel is “fair & balanced” – False
Bill Keller has left The New York Times – False
Fairchild Publications is the parent company of W Magazine & WWD – False

Which does IAC NOT own:

The Daily Beast, Newsweek,, Vimeo, Expedia,, Gothamist? – Gothamist

What do the following abbreviations stand for?

SXSW – South by Southwest
API – Application Programming Interface
iOS 5 – Apple’s mobile Operating System
RT – Re-Tweet
HTML5 – Hyper-Text Markup Langauge
DM – Direct Message
NYTM – New York Tech Meetup

Complete the following:

President Obama recently made news in social media circles. He joined Google+.

Michael Arrington recently quit TechCrunch to start a venture capital fund.

Lance Ulanoff is the new editor of Mashable.

Frank Rich recently left The New York Times to write for New York Magazine.

Anderson Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt.

Robert Scoble first made a name for himself blogging for Microsoft under the name Scobleizer.

Keith Olbermann has his own show on Current TV.

What is the standard email nomenclature for journalists at:

The Wall Street Journal:

The Associated Press:

Conde Nast

How many years has CBS “60 Minutes” been on the air?
43 years

What is Mediaite and which ABC News contributor founded it?
News site devoted to media started by Dan Abrams

How does Twitter make money?
Advertising via promoted tweets, promoted trends, promoted accounts (2400 accounts thus far)

Which print magazine has the largest U.S. readership? AARP

When is it OK to pitch a story idea via a Twitter direct message?
It’s not.

Having fun yet? YES!


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