Rafat Speaks to Us…On His Terms

When the founding editor of perhaps the most influential source of news about digital content offers us PR types some pointers on contacting him, I’d suggest paying attention. Rafat Ali of paidcontent.org just posted this item to his website:

Note To PR People About Calling & Attachments [by Rafat]

Note to PR people: when you send us a release or info by e-mail, we have it. If we don’t use it, then we won’t use it. Calling up and following on it will not change our minds…so refrain from it. Also, another pet peeve: don’t send release as PDF/Word attachments…we will not open it. Either cut-paste, or better still, send a link to the online version.

Of course, some enterprising fellow chimed in with a comment trying to sell Rafat his wares.

“…Just thought our service might help deal with the above problem…”

I bet Rafat, Staci and the gang can’t wait to sign up.