Runaway Bride – the PR of it All


How many network morning show news producers at this very moment have issued edicts to their staffs to do “whatever it takes” to land the first interview with the cold/hot-footed Georgian bride-to-have-been??? Yet, can these news divisions even compete with the likes of “Extra,” “The Insider,” and “Inside Edition,” all of which have money to burn to commandeer infamous guests like this? They can’t…publicly. Instead, and few will admit it, the “news” programs WILL pay — or at least cover a first-class vacation to New York City. Maybe they’ll throw in a visit to Vera Wang’s studio? Maybe they’ll even offer up their questions in advance!

Right now some PR “expert” is telling Jennifer Wilbanks to agree to do an interview on a national television program in an effort to re-build her sullied and villified reputation. “You need to put a human face on your ill-fated adventure. Also, just think: a wedding for 600, paid for by your parents, is an expensive proposition, why not capitalize on it? I’ll get you a good deal with the media. Just look at how Amber made out. Maybe we can get you a book deal as well.”