Scobleizer vs. Micropersuader

The beauty of the blogosphere lies in the diversity of opinion one can find…with the right search engine, of course.

Two widely divergent POVs emerged today on the subject of search, and specifically the revamp of blog search’s big brand name — Technorati.

A-list bloggers, the Scobleizer and the Microspersuader, seemed quite at odds on the re-make (for relevancy) of Technorati. From Mr. Scoble:

Technorati is so superior to all the other blog search engines now that it isn’t even funny. Why can 45 people at Technorati beat Google yet Microsoft, with its billions of dollars, can’t get any traction?”

From Mr. Rubel:

“The improvements are nice, but I have to admit that I don’t use Technorati nearly as much as I used to. Link authority was a good metric a year ago, but it’s not nearly as worthwhile today when you consider all of the centers of influence one may wish to search and track. Link authority doesn’t tell me who’s an influencer on Facebook or which video artists are rising on YouTube. It was great in 2005, ok in 2006 and really has faded from relevance in 2007.”

More from the Scobelizer:

“Google, on the other hand, with its billions in revenue and thousands of PhD’s should be ashamed that it isn’t as good as Technorati.”

More from the Micropersuader:

“In short, this means the heyday of dedicated “live web” search engines like Technorati is coming to a close.”

Of course, these contradictory contentions arrive with a heap of qualifiers, so best to read the full text of their posts before forming an opinion. Or you can read what others have to say:

Or we can put the two in the ring and have them duke it out.