I had a chance to attend yesterday’s opening day of Media Bistro’s Media Circus where MB founder Laurel Touby traded in her boa for a ringleader outfit, top hat and all. I manage to twitter a bit on the blogger panel, and then grabbed some digital audio with Robert Scoble who, since we’re talking hats, wears many these days.

In case you hadn’t kept up, the Scobleizer and his Naked Conversations co-author Shel Israel have been video-blogging for FastCompany. He’s also a prolific Twitterer, produces (and stars in) vid segments for Qik, and still manages to keep his blog fresh (and refreshed).

Robert shared news of a new venture he and Shel are poised to launch called WorkFast.TV, which, in his words, will be all about:

“…the future of work, how the Internet is changing how we work together, and look at the tools that are enabling this change, things like Google Docs and Spreadsheets to Concept Share to Zoho…”

I also had a chance to ask him about Twitter’s value to PR pros. Here’s what he said:

“PR is in the business of relationships, right, and, you can meet people face-to-face once-in-a-while, but you can’t hang out at [Tech Crunch founder] Mike Arrington’s house every night, right, (even if you wanted to, he’d kick you out)…but if you want to build relationships with a lot of people, and be able to scale that, Twitter is crack…if you’re in PR and you’re not on Twitter, particularly in technology PR…if you’re not on Twitter, you’re doing yourself a disservice.”

Anyway, listen to the full interview here. (RT 7:26)

Separately, I tried to muscle my way ahead of PR Newser’s Jason Chupick to grab some sound with Wired editor Chris Anderson, but to no avail. Jason, however, did his usual good job. (I guess he had an “in” with the show organizers.)