Smile for the Cameras


Over the weekend, I managed to catch CSPAN’s coverage of the anti-war protests in D.C. Specifically, I caught Cindy Sheehan, the mom whose son was killed in Iraq, address the large crowd that had gathered on the ellipse. I was unpleasantly surprised. I did not find her especially articulate, nor did she demonstrate the anguish one would expect from a mother who has lost a child.

In fact, she seemed caught up in her new-found celebrity status, fawning for the cameras and positively basking in all the attention. Talk about a desperate housewife!

Today, Ms. Sheehan was arrested at another protest outside the White House. The photo showed her with a large grin on her face while physically being carried off by federal officers in uniform.

As someone who sympathized with Ms. Sheehan’s personal vigil and the earnestness of her message, I am now disheartened by the change in her image and demeanor. I suspect her new persona is not helping her cause.