Social Media Overload

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Isn’t it time to consider a one-day moratorium on the use of the term “social media” (and its myriad derivations)? I mean what could possibly happen? (See answers below.)

  1. Many Twitter feeds slow to a crawl
  2. SxSW Conference cancelled
  3. Jeff Pulver comes off his road trip
  4. Gary Vaynerchuk’s new Sirius Radio show folds
  5. Technorati has a third fewer blogs to index
  6. Zappos starts accepting coupon codes
  7. PR and digital marketing firms’ new business proposals shrink
  8. Mashable and TechCrunch forced to merge
  9. Pepsi buys a :30 spot on 2011 Super Bowl telecast
  10. @aplusk and @ladygaga return to their day and night jobs (mercifully)


  1. LMAO @ladygaga would go back to her dayjob. We can only hope. Twitter is the biggest time waster ever. I give it another couple years and no one will even use it anymore. It’s boring. How many people really care that Lindsay Lohan is eating dinner or that my aunt Tess is painting her nails? Come on! The novelty has to wear off soon. At least I hope.
    Speaking of Lady Gaga, she makes a ton of money off her appearance. She’s really not bad if you take off the weird outfits. She could do with a rhinoplasty though.

  2. Love this Peter. How the hell does anybody in the “real world” get anything done tracking so much of this drivel all day? About 80% of it is about ego, I say. Maybe 20% is useful stuff. Maybe less than that.
    I’m waiting for the study that says social media have made us way less productive…

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