Spousal Abuse


While her husband just cut a lucrative deal to appear in advertising for Fidelity Investments, don’t expect Heather McCartney to land a big-time sponsor anytime soon. Yesterday, the PETA folks deployed Mrs. McCartney to a J. Crew store in Manhattan wearing a flatscreen TV on which graphic video of animals being skinned played out. (The pet-friendly group has always had a penchant for the dramatic — the more telegenic, the better – and Fashion Week is its prime time.)

“PETA mouthpiece Michael McGraw said his group has launched JCruel.com after pleading with the clothier to drop its furry fashions.” Watch out Anna Wintour! Stranger things have been known to happen during NY’s Fashion Week.

As for J. Crew, the timing of this couldn’t be worse given its impending $200 million IPO. (I wonder if Fidelity has a stake.)