Full Frontal Media: Kylie vs. Kim

No. Kylie Jenner is not a client of my firm’s. In fact, I find her latest PR stunt offensive on so many levels. Yet, here I am writing about it, as an unwitting marketing pawn in a carefully choreographed chess game designed to add more media fuel to the fame flame that has kept her…… Continue reading Full Frontal Media: Kylie vs. Kim

New Fronts in Crisis Management

Not too long ago, positive change inevitably occurred following an embarrassing news report of a company behaving badly, e.g., shafting its employees out of their justly earned wages. This no longer is the case. The politicization of the low income worker has made such corporate malpractice a talking point wherein the lowest wage workers are…… Continue reading New Fronts in Crisis Management

Tech Monopoly Money

A little more than ten years ago, I found myself sitting in the green room of NBC’s “Today” show alongside the founder/CEO of one of our agency’s largest clients, Sun Microsystems. I was asked to accompany Scott McNealy on the morning following his testimony before Congress about Microsoft’s monopolistic ways. I hadn’t previously met Mr.…… Continue reading Tech Monopoly Money